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The hyperlocal deals platform


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The hyperlocal deals platform


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Users will find the offer by category search, card or navigation in the app. You can send personalized notifications that will reach all users or by location points.


  • Retail Panel Management
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What do we do?

The panel of stores is a web platform that allows you to easily publish your offers so that your consumers can see them anywhere and whenever they want from their mobile app, allowing them to select the offers according to their needs and tastes. Increase traffic to your stores. Offrie offers to reach a large audience, giving you new customers and the possibility of growing your business.

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How do we do it?

Track the effectiveness of your offers

1. Highlight your offer:
You sell and we do the rest.

2. Get more customers:
Invite your clients to live a unique experience.

3. Geolocation:
In an efficient and optimal way.

4. Visibility:
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We adapt to your needs

It does not matter if your trade is large, small or medium; or if you are a benefit program, we will give you the best solutions according to your interests.

The hyperlocal deals platform


Get closer to your customers

Attract new visitors to your store, increase the value of your brand, maximize the potential of your loyalty program and increase sales in physical stores. We help you reach more potential customers in the purchase.

The hyperlocal deals platform

Benefits Cards

Loyalty programs and cards

Maximize the loyalty of your customers with offers and benefits of your loyalty program in a friendly app. We help you strengthen relationships with your cardholders and / or members of the benefits program.